High school teacher and world renowned artist

WAYLAND, Mich. (WZZM) - At Wayland high school there is a teacher that lives a double life. By day he teaches students art, but by night he is commissioned to create art projects around the world. Scott Gundersen is now a world renowned mosaic artist.

On the last day of class art teacher Scott Gundersen eventuates senior drawings. In a month he will be flown out to Spain to create a giant mural. His last project was a mural for the Portuguese embassy in Brazil. He is a mosaic artist with a unique medium--used wine corks.

"Right now we have about 5000 wine corks that are ready to be sorted," explains Gundersen. The used corks come in different colors and shades. "We can arranging the darks and lights to create what ever we want," explains Gundersen.

He created a giant mosaic mural of Courtney Cox for Cougar Town. He used 100,000 corks to create the mural that TBS used as special promotional piece for the show. He made a giant stadium out of corks for the World Cup.

He got his start during the first Artprize. "Artprize gave me a reason to start making art again knowing that I might have an audience," explains Gundersen. He recording himself making a mural of his wife out of corks. This got the attention of the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum who ended up buying the piece for its collection.

From there is career took off selling murals from $5,000 to $20,000 a piece. "I have been blessed to get well paying jobs over and over again," explains Gundersen.

But no matter how big he gets he still thinks of his students. "I can't imagine not teaching so as long as I can keep doing both that is my plan."

Teacher by day... world renown artist by night.


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