Woman receives 2 Social Security numbers in tax return

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- A Holland woman was shocked to receive her state tax return notice Wednesday with the Social Security numbers of two other people inside.

Now she fears her Social Security number is in someone else's hands. WZZM 13 On Your Side contacted the state for an explanation.

Debbie Mokris was already on edge. She just closed credit cards after dealing with fraud following the security breach at Target. Then she opened her mail.

She received a tax return notice, stating she's missing two pages of her return. She flipped through the stapled forms and showed us why she had every reason to be concerned.

"Then we get to a 1040 form credit and that is not me. And then we have somebody else's return again."

The documents had names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of two other people.

"It's alarming," she said.

She's alarmed because her two missing pages with Social Security numbers on front could very well be in the hands of someone else. She's missing page 1 of her document,and she has someone else's page 1.

"It's shocking," she said.

So Mokris tried contacting the State Treasury's Income Tax Information Line for answers, but had no luck. She contacted 13 On Your Side and we tried three times and finally got through after a long wait.

The state worker said this: "If there is something going on that someone is using somebody else's Social Security, by us requesting like reviews of other returns and copies of information, we're able to say yes, this information we're sending in is matching this return that shows on file."

The state worker says other names would be dissolved from the record. "We have seen more of the identify theft this year," she said.

As for Debbie, she must respond to the state.

"She could do a written request back to us to say 'I don't know these people, please dissolve them from my account'."

In the meantime, Debbie is calling her bank to secure her credit and trying to contact the people stapled to her return, hoping they too, will do the honest thing.

"If there's an identity theft as a result of this, from someone having my Social Security number, that's the main issue. I called you, to make sure we have some back-up information and that it wouldn't be overlooked," she said.

A member of the state treasury's office says he will call Mokris back to help figure out her situation.


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