Kentwood leaders discuss methane under landfill

Kentwood leaders host meeting on Methane leak

KENTWOOD, MICH - Wednesday night, people living near a closed landfill in Kentwood received some answers to questions about the methane found underneath it.   The gas was found moving underground near the corner of Walma Avenue and Breton Road last week, by the Department of Public Works.  

During the informational meeting at Kentwood City Hall, Molly Sherwood from the Kent County Department of Public Works told residents they're trying to be as transparent as possible about what they're doing, "We had been working with the EPA making sure that we are testing what we need to test, making sure that we are doing all of the investigations they ask of us so that we can catch any type of contamination, any type of migration that could possibly come from the landfill and that's how we were able to find the methane this past month."

Crews are still trying to figure out how to get the gas to stop spreading.  County health experts say the gas dissipates, when exposed to air, but it can catch fire in closed spaces.

Officials went on to say that it's common for old landfills to leak methane, because when they were constructed, they didn't have the kind of technology we do now. 


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