Biologist are making progess against Asian Carp

Progress made against Asian Carp

Biologists in Illinois say they have been successful in removing large quantities of Asian Carp that threaten the Great Lakes.

"Over a two-week period, we collected 96,000 Big Head and Silver Carp from the Upper Illinois waterway," says Kevin Irons, niologist with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Multiple local, state and federal agencies, along with several commercial fishermen, placed nets along the river. It's being called the "Unified Method."

"Once we had the nets deployed, we lured fish in, drug them to the banks and the boats collected them over the day concentrating them into one area to harvest them," Irons continued.

WZZM 13 has been documenting the Asian Carp problem for several years. We traveled to Illinois and witnessed the fish jumping out the water. They are an invasive species that have voracious appetites. They eat the food necessary for the native fish to survive.

"This was successful," Irons says. "Over four to five years, we've seen a 68 percent reduction in upstream population; those that are closest to Lake Michigan."

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