Lowell biodigester hits deadline, decision to be made Thursday

Biodigester operator submits plans

LOWELL, MICH. - The 30-day deadline is up for Lowell's biodigester and the operator, Greg Northrup, has submitted a plan of action to the City Council, on they intend to get rid of the odor.

On Monday, Sept. 19, residents showed up once again to the city council meeting, to voice their displeasure. One man told the council that he believes the biodigester is "politically filthy from the ground up."

Mayor Jeff Altoft, who claimed he is being recalled, because of the feuds over the plant-- said he would have to agree with the citizen's allegations.

"I was against it at the beginning, because it was in the middle of town, I thought that they could you know find property outside of town which would've been better suited, but you know I was only one vote, so," Altoft said. 

Altoft added that he will not miss the biodigester if they do decide to shut it down.

Mayalene LaPonsie on behalf of ForwardLowell reached out to WZZM to clarify that the mayor's recall is a completely separate issue from the biodigester. LaPonsie wrote that their recall efforts began back in March of this year, due to a "blatant waste of taxpayer money" with regard to an attorney he hired at $200 per hour. 

The mayor said he expects a decision to be made at their Thursday night meeting, which will occur at 6 p.m.



This story has been updated to reflect ForwardLowell's comment. 

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