Tech guru predicts drones, brain exercise in 10 years

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Long before it happened, Keith Brophy correctly predicted the dominance of Facebook, the popularity of the iPhone and cloud data storage .

The technology entrepreneur doesn't use tea leafs or tarot cards to look into the future, he relies on what he calls the KAPOW factor, which stands for Keith's Analytical Prediction Of When.

"I plug in factors and weightings and formulas and eventually arrive at a thing called a KAPOW factor, the likelihood a future trend is going to start to move."

He accurately predicted the emergence of Facebook and the iPhone, despite others' doubts. "Many did not believe things like the iPhone would take hold, there were discussions like 'Why does the world need another phone?'"

Brophy has some predictions for the next 10 years, like the widespread use of drones. "The technology is getting better and better. In 10 years not one of us will go about our days without seeing a drone or multiple drones going about their business."

He believes measuring devices on our bodies will collect information about health and safety, or be able to summon help. "Things on your clothes, things on your ankle, things on your head that we wear will collect everything from pulse, glucose, and many other pieces of information."

He also predicts people will exercise their brains to keep up with the rapid pace of change. "In ten years, the majority of us are engaged in some sort of software-guided brain exercise daily. It will start to take on the role of physical fitness in today's society."

Brophy now predicts the decline of Facebook because of increasing foreign competition and young people who have moved onto other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

You can follow Brophy on Twitter: @streamrun


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