The man in the tiny home on wheels

More space, more problems: That's the philosophy of one Stockton man. (Sept. 20, 2016)

More space, more problems. That's the philosophy of one Stockton man.

He's decided to join the tiny house revolution, but instead of building a foundation, he is taking the minimalist lifestyle on the road.

"This house, 40 square feet,” said Gary Foster. “My old house was 4,000."

Foster lives in the back of his Chevy pickup. The 74-year-old retired carpenter built a small but classic looking wooden home in his truck bed.

"I have no kids, been divorced for 2 years, so there is no reason to rent a place for $800 to a $1,000 a month," Foster said.

The bachelor did away with his big house about a year ago. Now he spends his days fishing and gold mining.

"If I can get a gram [of gold] I am doing pretty good,” Foster said. “That's about $45 these days."

Besides gas, Foster says the house doesn't cost him a thing. In the winter two small candles are enough to warm the cozy wood house. A series of batteries power his TV and lights.

"I go to the gym everyday,” Foster said. “I just shower there."

On any given day you can find Foster's house parked at UJ's restaurant. He is a big fan of the dinner special.

If the "porch" light above his back door is on, he may give you a tour of his home.

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