Water tower leaks forming strange ice formations

GRAND HAVEN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) -- Hundreds of gallons of water and freezing temperatures are proving to be a messy mix for Grand Haven Township leaders. A leak at the township's water tank on 152nd Avenue has created ice formations on the inside and it's taking weeks to melt it away.

It looks more like a place the Man of Steel would call home.

"A little like Superman's hideout in the North Pole," says Bill Cargo, Grand Haven Township Manager.

However, instead the video shotshows the inside of Grand Haven Township's water tank covered in ice.

"Wehave a small leak at the bottom of the bowl of the water tank," says Cargo. "It was probably going for a few days before it was discovered and it caused an awful lot of ice to form on the interior column of the water tower."

Township workers placed a propane heater inside, butseveral weeks later, much of the ice has yet to melt.

"Thefirst level we were able to thaw very quickly, the second level is taking more time," says Cargo.

MuchlikeSuperman's Fortress of Solitude, no one is allowed up to the top of the column.

"I'm concerned that these ice formations could break," says Cargo.

Townshipleaders say the ice formations don't pose any threat to traffic because they are on the inside and they say the leak will not affect the water supply.

"No danger to water quality at all, if there was any danger we would take the tank out of service," says Cargo.

Engineers believe the leak was caused by a valve not shutting properly.

"Becauseof the ice, we figure there is some crack on this system of this valve," says Cargo.

If the ice formations continued to grow, it could damage some electrical equipment inside.

"It's not getting any worse because the drains are now warm enough that the slow leak is going down the drains," says Cargo.

At this point, melting all the ice, looks like a job for Superman, or maybe just a helping hand from mother nature is needed.

"Hoping the weather gets into the 30's," says Cargo.

Township leaders estimate the water leak will cost about $10,000, mainly because of the amount of propane that's been used. Once the ice melts, they will figure out what parts need to be replaced.


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