Why dogs attack

WYOMING, Mich. (WZZM) -- In the wake of a dog attack Friday morning in Holland Township, a local trainer says these incidents are preventable.

Trainer Kay Licata with the Well-Mannered Dog Center in Wyoming says certain breeds are prone to attack.

"The ones I found are terriers, the bully breeds. Bullmastiffs, little terriers, Jack Russells can be nasty little critters, as well as pit bulls."

Licata says their instinct is to catch something and not let go.

"The more adrenaline they get pumping, the less pain they feel, so they'll keep after it."

Kathryn Snyder, owner of the center, says dogs need a leader. Regular contact with them helps, "making sure you can touch your dog everywhere, no matter what. Examine him; look over your dog." Snyder says to do this frequently, "and they will get that instant trust, that respect of you, that you are their leader."

Those rules also apply outside the home. Snyder says a walk with your dog should be an exercise in leadership.

"It's not a time for sniffing or for piddling on everything."

Your dog should walk beside you. She says it is ok for the dog to take care of his business as long as you say it's ok.

"You definitely want to keep your authority value high," says Licata. She says even the most well-mannered dogs can stray. "Sometimes it's because they were abused, get scared, or whatever."

The best advice is to be a responsible pet owner. Keep your dog in a secure place and re-enforce the training as much as you can.


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