Raising the bar on pregnancy and exercise

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) - When it comes to pregnancy, doctors have differing ideas about restricting exercise.

But as more women discover just how tough they really are when it comes to their physical ability, the more they want to keep up their fitness routine during their pregnancy.

Caitlin Zyskowski is six months pregnant and she doesn't have any plans to stop her fitness routine at Crossfit Grand Rapids. "That's the big controversy now. 'Should you be doing that? should you not be doing that?' I think if you just listen to your body and if you're comfortable, go for it."

And she does by squatting 180 pounds!

"I used to squat 260 pounds and that's dropped. The doctors definitely tell you about 70%, so my weights have definitely decreased." And there have been a few other changes she's had to make. "I'm doing push-ups on my knees. I'm doing pull-ups with the resistance band."

But how much is too much?

Dr. Judy Florido an OBGYN with Metro Health says when it comes to exercising in pregnancy, there's no reason to stop if you're already doing it, even if it's an intense one like Crossfit. "These pregnant women were happier, had less postpartum depression. I see usually healthier fit babies. They tend not to be overweight."

But Dr. Florida does have one concern about weightlifting and pregnancy. "The pregnancy joints change. In pregnancy, your joints are more lax and loose, so I would be a little concerned about the pliability and the increase risk of injury to maybe her low back."

Dr. Florido adds as long as women listen to their bodies, they should be able to stick with their fitness routine throughout their pregnancy.

And that's exactly what Caitlin does. "If it doesn't feel good, I say, 'hey Sam, what else can I do today?' and he usually has a list of things I can do."

Because Cat doesn't plan to stop any time soon. "I'm going to try to keep going as much as I can. Because it's healthy, it's healthy for me and it's healthy for my baby."

Dr. Florido says exercise during pregnancy is different for every woman and you should consult your doctor before starting or continuing one if you're pregnant.


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