Long winter means more mosquitoes in West Michigan

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) - If you thought winter was bad, then you may not like what it left behind: favorable conditions for lots of mosquitoes.

A perfect storm of winter, mild temps, and rain has boosted the mosquito breeding cycle this year, according to Jack Den Uyl, of Mosquito Squad.

He says he's dealing with the mosquito population first-hand as he goes from customer to customer, spraying peoples backyards.

"Our winter was very heavy with snow, and as it melted, it caused a lot of water pockets," explains Den Uyl. "A single mosquito can lay from 150 to 300 eggs in water the size of a bottle cap."

Den Uyl says the mosquitoes that hatch from those eggs can lead to more than a billion offspring.

If you want to hinder the mosquito population's growth, you need to eliminate standing water.

"You need to turn things over to drain it, explains Den Uyl. "Making sure slides, kids toys, and buckets are turned over to help reduce mosquito breeding." He says eves and troughs holding standing water need to be drained as well.

Mosquitoes also like to lay their eggs in areas that are damp, like under tarps, leaves, and wood piles. So removing those items can also help limit the mosquito population's growth.

If things get really bad, you can consider hiring a mosquito sprayer. Den Uyl says his sprayer will eliminate mosquitoes by 85 percent to 90 percent for about three weeks.


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