MDOT: record rain to blame for flooding on Seaway Drive under train bridge

MDOT Record Rain to Blame for deep puddle

MUSKEGON, MICH. -  According to  MDOT nothing failed Wednesday when heavy rain temporarily flooded the business route into Muskegon causing driver to make u-turns in the median and find alternative routes into and out of downtown.   

The section of Seaway Drive that was underwater for around two hours Wednesday afternoon is a few hundred yards south of Laketon Avenue.  

An MDOT spokesperson says water can collect on Seaway Drive in that location because the road passes under a train bridge.    

The short section of road directly under the train bridge has flooded before.  In 2010 a few cars stalled out in the deep water under the bridge after a significant rain event.  Those vehicles had to be towed out of the water.

On Wednesday nearly two inches of rain fell around Muskegon in a short period of time.  It was a record setting rain fall total for the day.   And while many streets around the city flooded, the largest and deepest puddle was on Seaway drive.

The water was above the bumpers on some cars.  It lasted for around two hours.   

The MDOT spokesperson says the drains that are along the road worked properly Wednesday afternoon.  MDOT completed a major resurfacing project on Seaway Drive in 2015.  The project included a small amount of pipe and catch basin improvements, but no significant drainage work directly under the train bridge.

MDOT points out storm drain infrastructure along Seaway and other roads are not designed to handle every rain, especially record setting rain events like the one Wednesday.  MDOT says the road there needs to dip low for appropriate clearance under the train bridge and that nothing from the resurfacing project  caused the temporary flooding. 


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