Newaygo Residents clean up after flood

Newaygo, MIch. (WZZM) - Last week melting snow, and heavy rains led to some of the worst flooding the Muskegon river has ever seen. Now the water has subsided giving residents a chance to clean up.

In the small community of Devil's Hole in Newaygo. Dozens of residents are tearing out carpet, cutting dry wall, and airing out their homes and cottages. Bob Fox's home is one of the 403 residents impacted by last weeks flooding.

"This is the second time we have gotten hit 1986 and now in 2014," explains Fox. "I had about two days warning, but I didn't expect this."

Another resident on the block has filled up a large dumpster. Putting everything that touched the floor in the trash.

At the Emergency Operations Center Abby Watkins, the centers director, is coordinating the clean up efforts.

"Because many of the homes were substantially impacted by the flood waters, there are safety concerns that need to be addressed to protect homeowners from electrocution, structural failure, gas leaks, and other hazards caused by the flood water," said Watkins. "We have assessment teams continuing to clear areas and identify the need for follow-up inspections by the local building inspectors.

Flooded homes are not the only problem. "Propane tanks are supposed to be secured unfortunately most of them were not. Now some of them are floating in the water. So we are asking boaters to stay off the water," explains Watkins. Also boats are causing wake which can worsen the flooding problem.

"This process is in place for the homeowner's safety," stated Watkins. "We are bringing in additional resources to make the process as fast as possible. In addition, there is no cost to the homeowner for all initial inspections."

For a current list of road closures, please visit the Newaygo County website at


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