Try It Before You Buy It: Caboki Hair Loss Product

HUDSONVILLE (WZZM)-- They call it a "hair loss breakthrough" and the video shows dramatic results. Caboki claims it instantly eliminates bald spots or the appearance of thinning hair.

I brought it to hair stylist Matt Flora at Matt Flora Hair Studio in Hudsonville. He normally shaves his head and grew it out to test Caboki. I also brought along WZZM 13 Traffic guy Dave Kaechele. Both men have balding or thinning hair.

Caboki is a powder that's suppose to cling to your hair like millions of magnets, making tiny wisps of your hair thicker and fuller.

We tried it on Dave first. You apply the powder close to the scalp in a circular motion. At first, it didn't look too bad, especially from a distance. But up close, it looks dirty. It really looked like we dumped the contents of a vacuum on Dave's head.

We used the finishing spray provided, but it didn't seem to make a difference. You couldn't touch it or style it without it messing up the powder and creating more bald patches. It really seemed gross.

It didn't look any better on Matt's hair. Matt felt like it would work better on longer hair where you could cover up the Caboki powder better and conceal it.

Caboki claims it looks natural even in bright sunlight. We disagreed with that. It also claims to last all day, all night, through wind, rain and sweat. That didn't work for us either. You definitely noticed a dirty, clumpy powder, and it easily wiped away off Matt's sweaty brow and it came off when we styled it or scratched it.

I did hear from a viewer who told me her boyfriend uses it and loves it. She says she can't tell at all. He uses regular hair spray with it every day and she says he has some hair to style with it. So it may indeed work better with hairstyles where you can comb over the Caboki product.

We bought a starter kit online for $39.95 plus shipping.


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