Try It Before You Buy It: Miracle Grill Mat

MEARS, MI (WZZM) -- The Miracle Grill Mat claims it can give you perfectly grilled food with no flare-ups or burns, and no sticking. The commercial shows meat with grill marks, fish that doesn't stick to the grates, vegetables that don't fall through, and even breakfast foods, all being grilled to perfection.

I brought it to Gina Ferwerda, she does a lot of grilling at her home overlooking Silver Lake in Oceana County. Gina has her own food blog, called Boating, Boarding, and Burgers and was interested in trying out the Miracle Grill Mat.

The mat is made from a PTFE (PFOA-Free) coated non-stick fabric, which you find on most non-stick cookware. It's 15.75" X 13" and fits nicely on most grills.

We grilled everything from steaks and burgers, fish, fruits and vegetables, and even breakfast items like french toast, hashbrowns and eggs.

We found you did indeed see grill marks, despite being cooked on a mat. The vegetables and pineapple we cooked got a nice char on them, and the breakfast cooked up perfectly.

The only thing we didn't like is how some of the food items tasted. The New York strip didn't get a nice char or grill flavor at all. We agreed the steak, burgers and fish all tasted like they were baked in the oven instead of grilled. We definitely wouldn't use the grill mat for meats.

But, the vegetables grilled up perfectly, tasted great and didn't fall through the grates, and the breakfast also cooked up perfectly.

Gina said the Miracle Grill Mat would be perfect for camping and placing over public grills so you know it's clean. It's light weight and cleans up in a snap, which would be great on camping trips. It also gives you other food options like breakfast when you're camping, and for that reason, Gina thought it was worth buying.

We found the Miracle Grill Mat online. You get two grill mats and a baking mat for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.


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