Russell and Ciara show dance moves as Obama and Clinton

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, singer Ciara, went political for Halloween. And they aren't keeping their choice for President a secret.

Russell donned a Barack Obama mask while Ciara wore a Hillary Clinton mask. Russell posted a photo and videos on social media.

One of them showed the couple dancing in their kitchen. Even on a bad ankle and knee, Russell's got the moves. And the status on the post takes a shot at Donald Trump.

Russell even did his best Obama impersonation.

Russell: "I'm here with my good, dear friend here. The one-and-only Hillary Clinton. And she's going to be a great president. Hillary, all I'm wondering is where is Bill? Ha ha ha. Where's Bill?"

Ciara responded: "You know that's interesting because I am wondering where is Michelle?"

Russell continued: "We'll don't worry about that. Anyways, make sure you guys vote for my dear friend Hillary Clinton here. She's going to be a great president. I was the first black president, and she's going to be the first woman president.

Ciara: "Thank you so much. Mr. President, you are just amazing. I am so grateful to have the friendship that we have, and you've done such a phenomenal job over your last two terms, and I would be just so delighted and thankful to be able to step that...:

Russell interrupts: "Listen, Hillary. I'm still the president. God Bless America." (While giving a thumbs up and Ciara giggling in the background).

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