Selecting the perfect gift can be quite stressful. Today's "In the Cart" segment helps you identify the perfect gift for the chef on your list. We've selected a variety of gadgets from basic to more advanced, including both stocking stuffers and stand alone items.
1. Microplane - it had multiple uses from grating cheese, to removing zest, to grating nutmeg
2. Hand held blender - great for blending or pureeing soups, easy clean up
3. Flexible cutting board - great for transporting cut items to pans
4. Pocket Thermometer - check the temperature of the foods and know the it's completely cooked
5. Pestle and Mortar / spice grinder- great for making rubs and crushing spices
6. Knives - Essential to have sharp knives in the kitchen
7. Glass Measuring cup - microwavable
8. Liquid measuring cup - easy to read and transport ingredients
9. Silpat - great for reusing to prevent cookies from sticking to pans
10. Corn Husker - great way to take the corn off the cob

Courtesy: Bryan Nader, Saint Mary's Health Care