SAND LAKE,Mich. (WZZM) - A local rescue group says we could see a lot of neglected farm animals because of a nationwide hay shortage.

The owners of Hidden Horse Haven in Sand Lake fear that large animal owners and farmers could have a hard time feeding their animals.

Troy Adams and his family take care of animals that other people can't take care of anymore. They have 28 horses and several other animals like turkeys, pigs and chickens.

"We go through about a trailer load of hay a week," says Adams.

"Bales went for $20 to $30," he says. "This year, they're $60 to $75, even $80. The price of everything is just going to go through the roof and the supply is the other factor."

The late spring frostand the hot, dry summer damaged many crops.

Adams says he's already heard of farmers getting rid of some of their stock. "They're just limiting the number of animals that they're going to try to maintain," he says.

Adams says they will not be accepting any new animals. They want to make sure they can take care of the animals they already have.

"It's only going to get worse, before it gets better," says Adams.