(WZZM) - Are you a couponer? Two local self-described "Saving Addicts" certainly are and they have a website and classes to show you the best way to become a couponer yourself.

Their website is We recently sat in on one of their classes at a Byron Center Church. The website is free and so are the classes.

The women have ten childrenbetween themso they know first hand the importance of saving money at the grocery store.

"Absolutely it's trial and error," says Lauren Ortiz."No one taught us. Giselle first got into this and told me about it. We talk about saving in the grocery stores and drug stores. We teach people to stock-up, usually lasting your family about six weeks and then hopefully that sale will come around in another six weeks and then we teach you to stock-up again. So essentially you're never paying full price for products that your family uses."

The website is two and a half years old, and they've been running the free classes for two years.

They teach the difference between manufacturer and store coupons andhow to combine the two for maximum savings. They show how to meal plan based on discount purchases. They explain waysstores get shoppers in the door with "Loss Leaders."

"What that means is that the store is willing to lose money to get you into the store with hopes that you'll spend money on other items also while you're there," said Smit. The class also explains that for every person in your home, you should have that same number of sale inserts from your Sunday newspaper.

"There are ways to get coupons. Say 'Hey, I'll recycle your paper for you, if you let me and give me your coupons,'" said Smit.

The class also teaches its students that if you're couponing right, it should only take you about two hours per week and that time will result in about $100 savings per week.

"So what you're essentially doing is a job that's paying you $50 hour," said Smit.