WAYLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- In response to increased public demand; the Gun Lake Casino has begun a trial run to allow children and teenagers, inside a portion of the casino building.

Families bringing children to casinos are nothing original in Las Vegas terms, but a very new idea at Wayland based casino property.

"For a limited time only, from April 1 through the end of June, Sunday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., the Gun Lake Casino is allowing families to bring children to the Sandhill Cafe," said Carter Pavey, director of marketing at Gun Lake Casino.

The Sandhill Cafe sits next to the main gaming quarters. The atmosphere is said to be smoke-free, thanks to a large ventilation system. Children under the age of 21, with an accompanying adult, would be restricted at this location.

Families with kids under age 21 would be required to enter at the valet location at the west end of the casino.Defined by the edge of carpet which borders the gaming floor, the "green zone", as it has been titled, leads to the Sandhill Cafe, and dead-ends at the public bathrooms.

"We looked at it, we evaluated it, our guests requested it," said Pavey. "It was a need that was out there, thought we would give it a try, to see if it makes sense with our business."

Should youthful curiosity arise, and potential wandering occur from those 21 and under, casino officials say a firm system is in place to prevent that from occurring.

Pavey added, "All our team members, security included, are very versed on how to approach a minor and or an adult who is letting a minor go throughout the casino, to make sure the problem is taken care of, and they're escorted back to the cafe."

According to Gun Lake Casino officials, the trial period has been successful, but with the key-word being "trial", and the overall impact from making such a business move, yet to be fully assessed.

"We're going to evaluate and see how we did, did guests like it, not like it, was it beneficial, or was it too much of a burden to deal with," said Pavey. "They asked for it, we're listening to the feedback they're giving us, and we're willing to take a shot at it."