(WZZM) - When it comes to shopping, most people are looking for a bargain. But, some say we should also think about buying local.

"Why would you not want to support your local farmer, your local merchant?" says Larry Huizenga, Store Director at Family Fare in Wyoming.

You can find cookies; Michigan made wines, tortilla chips. You can also find well-known brands like Kellogg's and Sara Lee. Spartan stores recently made a list of 3,000 Michigan made products.

"When you go through store, everything you see will be clearly marked with a Michigan's Best tag," said Huizenga.

And Spartan stores aren't the only ones promoting Michigan. At specified Meijer stores, there are sections dedicated to unique products like butter-toffee peanut butter, and oatmeal with a "coffee kick". There's plenty more throughout the store like chips, juice, and hand-crafted beer.

The only complaint could be the price difference between some of the Michigan products and the national brands. For example, WZZM 13 News found barbeque sauce made in Michigan. It's on sale right now at Meijer for $4.59. But, another national brand is on sale for $1.19. Same deal witha Michigan-made granola. It's $6.49 a bag. The nationally-known brand is $3.89.

"When you look at Michigan brands, you got to look at quality, freshness, and uniqueness of product," said Huizenga.

You could also consider the environment. The local brand doesn't have to be shipped very far.

Just a few things to consider, the next time you go to the store.

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