(WZZM) - It has been a hot and dry summer and unless you watered frequently, chances are your landscaping is still showing the effects of it.

But the temperatures have leveled off and we've received anice amount of rain of late, so now is the time to green up your yard again, without spending a lot of green. Thanksto our expert gardener and"Greenthumb" Rick Vuyst, we've put together the top four things you candoto improve your yardinexpensively.

#1.Feeding. Augustthough October is a great and efficient time to feed your lawn because it will thicken your lawn and improve density. Lots of root establishment occurs in fall. You'll be miles ahead next spring by pampering your lawn a little this fall.

#2.Seeding. Grass seed is relatively inexpensive. In fact, we found a nice blend on sale for $3.00 a pound on a shopping trip to Fruitbasket Flowerland. You can repair bare spots, seed a new lawn, or overseed an existing lawn by buying bulk grass seed and doing it yourself. The best time of the year to seed and establish turf in West Michigan is between late August and October. And if you buy too much, not to worry. Just wrap it up and it will stay fresh through the winter in your garage and you can do it again next year for an even thicker lawn.

#3. Adding instant color. After the heat and drought of summer you need some instant color to rejuvenate your landscape and patio planters. Consider Mums, Ornamental grasses and Pansies. Mums are perennials andgive you beautiful color this fall and will come back again next year and so will ornamental grasses. You'll get more than just the fall season with them. Pansies can be planted for fall color and they will survive under the cover of this winter's snow to bloom again next spring! You'll get more than one season for the money.

#4. Divide your plants! If you want to divide or move plants, August-October is a great time to do so. From Peonies to Iris......Daylilies to Hostas - you can double your money by digging and dividing and two or three for the price of one!