(WZZM) - If you own a smart phone or I-Pad you know they aren't cheap, usually at least $500, so the thought of damaging or breaking it sounds like a big waste of money. If you've dropped yours and cracked the screen or dropped it in water and can't get it to work, there's still hope.

Jordan Notenbaum is the owner of Genius Phone Repair. He has two stores in West Michigan, one in Grandville and the other at Knapp's Corner on the East Beltline. His low-cost phone repair business is doing so well, he has plans to open two more stores soon.

"Our most common repair is broken screens. Someone drops their iPhone or iPod andcracks the screen. They bring it in, we put a new piece of glass on it for them. Our average price range is between $54.99 all the way up to a little more than $100. For the most part, we can fix anything," says Notenbaum.

Buying insurance is a way to prevent wasting money, but Notenbaum sayssometimes that doesn't make sense either.

"If you have insurance through one of the big carriers, you can put a claim in ,but generally the deductible is more than it costs them to fix the phone. If you don't have an upgrade available through your carrier, you're kind of out of luck. You're going to pay $600 to $700 for a new phone if you upgrade early, or you deal with the crack or you come here."

If you prefer to just get a new one, don't throw your old one away. It's still worth something.

"If you come in with a broken phone, you have a couple of different options. If you have an upgrade available and don't want to deal with it (the damaged phone), sell it to us. We'll buy it from you. If you don't have an upgrade available and you like your phone a lot, and you want to fix the screen, we'll repair it for you. It just depends."

If you're concerned about whether your phone or tablet is even repairable, Genius Phone Repair has that covered as well.

"We offer free diagnosis, so bring it in as soon as possible," said Notenbaum. You can't beat afree repair estimate.