(WZZM) - If you're coughing, sneezing, have a runny nose, maybe even congested, you're not alone.

This year is on target to become one of the worst allergy seasons in a while.

Though it is turning cooler, the dry, warm and windy summer is causing allergies to take off.

That's because early stress on a plant means more pollen to mess with your allergies.

The worst allergy problems right now come frommold spores and ragweed,which is often confused with golden rod.

"So that ugly green plant that's growing on roadsides and farm fields will blow for miles, pollinate in the wind," said Dr. Karyn Gell, an Allergist.

A spike in allergies around this time of year is a pretty common sight for Doctor Ramona Kwapiszewski ith Muskegon Family Care.

She talked more about the problem and shared some solutions as well. Click on the video link to see the segment. Clickhere for more information and advice on allergies.