(WZZM) - Fall is the time to plant bulbs.

Greenthumb Rick Vuyst says the first thing you should do is figure out how deep to plant your bulb. Rick advises measuring it, then going at-least three times the height of the plant into the ground. A little deeper will help you get more years out of your bulbs and flowers.

To keep away squirrels, Rick recommends you do a good job of cleaning up the area, like some skin that may fall off the bulb. Leaving it around invites the rodents to come eat your bulbs. There also some bulbs with a foul odor that animals won't eat, like Fritillarias. Rick says they smell like "skunky Gym socks". They make smell bad, but they'll look great in your yard because the animals wont eat them.

Feed your bulbs at planting time with Bulb-tone.

Watch the video for more details.