GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - 'dArtPrize' is WZZM 13 continuing effort to try to find the stories we might miss, by shooting a dart at anArtPrize map. Wherever the dart lands we search for a story in that area, be it a venue, a person, or a neighborhood. Today the dart landed at the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, and piece of art was getting a lot of attention.

The Blue Bridge is pedestrian walkway that stretches across the Grand River near the Public Museum. It doubles as a venue and hosts many pieces of art. In 2009 it was host to a top ten piece called the Table and Chairs.

Today the Blue Bridge has stories of fish, of people, and one piece that people are really talking about.

John Longcore, an ArtPrize visitor, made a point to come to the Blue Bridge for one reason, "The horses in the river. You got to be on the bridge if you want to see the horses in the river."

The "horses in the river" is a piece by Richard Morse called STICK-TO-IVE-NESS: UNWAVERING PERTINACITY; PERSEVERANCE.

Each person who saw the piece had something different to say about. One ArtPrize patron explained, "I see freedom. The horses can go to any part of the river!" Another patron, "For me it looks like a story of survival and togetherness of a pack of horses."

When John Longcore saw the horses, he had done his homework by reading up on the artist. "The artist is a cancer survivor," John explains, "It is about his struggles with his health, and the struggles to survive as a cancer here we have a sculpture that reflects those feelings really really well... when you see it in the river it really drives the point home very nicely.

One piece of art can bring out a multitude of stories maybe that is what makes art so interesting. If you are interested in learning more about thepiece please visit here.