GRAND RAPIDS, (WZZM) -- Finding a checking account that makes you money instead of takes your money is becoming harder to find according to a BankRate survey.

"They look at all of us as potential revenue streams," says Nicholas Danner, a Greenpath Financial Councilor.

The average cost for a non-interest checking account is $5.48. Danner says stricter laws on bank loans mean banks are losing revenue from loans.

"Their loan volume is not quite what it used to be so they're not making as much money there, so they're looking to make it up in other ways: NSF fees, checking fees, those are other ways they're looking to make up that revenue."

Overdraft fees are also at an all time high at an average of about $31.

"That's probably the one that gauges consumers the most--NSF, the one you get charged for money you don't even have," says Danner.

That's why Danner says look for alternatives.

"If you really don't write checks you might not need a checking account-- maybe a savings account and money order is cheaper than having a bank account."

If you bank locally, a credit union could also be the best answer.