GRAND RAPIDS- (WZZM) - Grand Rapids hall of fame football referee Carl Paganelli, Sr. calls the current controversy over replacement NFL officials sad and bad for the game.

"They are just not qualified to do the job," he says.

Paganelli, who's 3 sons are all NFL officials, says a blown call that cost Green Bay a victory Monday night in Seattle was bound to happen as long as replacement referees are working the games.

"Eventually it was going to backfire because of not having qualified people on the field", he says.

The regular NFL officials are locked out because of a contract dispute, and Paganelli says the replacements don't have the experience, training or talent to referee the games.

"You put these guys out there who are working with 17 and 18 year olds and all of a sudden they are working with the greatest athletes in football," he explains. "The speed, the strength and the power of them, they are not used to it. They are just not qualified to do the job."

Paganelli says his sons, Perry, Carl and Dino, feel bad watching what's happening on the field. They want to resolve the labor issues and get back to work.

"Hopefully both sides can agree to something," he says.