Puppy 101
1. Go to and take a quiz on what kind of dog is right for your family. Based on your answers, this website helps you determine what your needs are and which breed of dog is right for you and your lifestyle.

2.Do your homework. Once you find your puppy, find a reputable breeder or a credible shelter or organization where you know the animal was taken care of prior to your purchase or adoption.

3. Ask referrals for a vet.

4. Know that the first several weeks are going to be a huge committment and adjustment. You cannot expect that there's not going to be accidents, messes, etc. Don't forget that puppies are like babies. They're going to chew, they're going to be naughty. DON'T punish them,they don't know what they did was wrong. It's actually your fault for leaving them alone unoccupied.

5. Lots of love! They were taken away from their moms and litter mates, so be gentle and don't get discouraged if they seem overly anxious or upset. It's an adjustment for them too.