The Sushi Roll

An Introductory Course
Perfecting basic sushi roll methods using Yellow-fin Tuna
By Chef Chris Wessely

Sharp sushi knife (or equivalent long bladed knife)
Cutting board
Non-metallic shallow mixing vessel for sushi rice (Sushioke)
Plastic or wooden rice paddle (Shamoji)
Rice cooker or pot with lid
Pan of water (3rd pan)
Plastic wrap
Sushi bamboo mat
1 hand or electric fan
2 towels, 1 wet and 1 dry
Chopsticks (ohashi)
1 sushi show plate
Basic Japanese Sushi Terms
Futomaki - big roll
Gohan - cooked rice
Hosomaki - small roll
Maki-Zushi - Sushi Roll
Nigiri-Zushi - raw fish atop sushi rice
Ohashi - chopsticks
Sashimi - raw sushi
Shamoji - wooden or plastic rice paddle
Sushi - cooked Japanese rice mixed with a rice vinegar, sugar, and salt solution.
Sushioke - a wooden shallow vessel for mixing sushi rice

Sushi Rice (gohan)
• 1.5 cups - uncooked Nishiki (Japanese) Rice
• 3T - rice vinegar
• 1T - sugar
• 2t - sea salt

Wash the rice and rinse well (3-4 times). Cook rice according to package directions or via electric rice cooker. Mix vinegar, sugar, and sea salt. Cook over medium heat until salt and sugar dissolves completely. Cool and keep until rice is finished cooking. Add vinegar solution to the rice in a non-metallic container, continuously fluffing it into the rice while cooling the rice with a fan. Be careful not to smash the rice grains. You will want to continue moving the rice around until each rice grain is coated. Keep at room temperature with a damp cloth over it.

Spicy Tuna Inside-Out Maki-Zushi Roll

• ½ - sheet Nori
• Sushi rice
• 1.5 oz - tuna, thinly cut & diced
• 1 T - Japanese mayonnaise
• ½ t - Sriracha chili sauce
• 2 - (.40oz) green onion, bias cut
• 1t - toasted sesame oil
• Sesame seeds mix (50% white and 50% black)

Mix the mayonnaise, chili sauce, and sesame oil until well incorporated. Then add the cut-up tuna and green onions, fold in to coat. Spread rice on rough side of nori, then turn over on a plastic wrapped bamboo mat. Fill with tuna filling and carefully roll. Sprinkle top of finished roll with sesame seeds. Cut into 8 pcs.