MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich (WZZM) -- A proposal on the November ballotwill ask voters in Muskegon Heights to renew an 18 mill non-homestead property tax, to help pay off thepublic school district's old debts.

The tax would bepaid by commercial property owners and non-residents who own property, like rentals.

Even though the district no longer exists, the Muskegon Heights emergency financial manager, Donald Weatherspoon,says it still owes 300 creditors a total of $16 million.

"The list goes from the insurance provided to the office of retirement services down to the people who replace window panes in the district. I think the smallest [debt] I have seen is $17," says Weatherspoon.

If the operating millage is not renewed, the state treasury would seek court approval to add a special tax on all of the city's commercial and residential property owners.