Dragon's Eye Punch
1 bottle white wine
1 can litchis in syrup
1 cup ginger-cinnamon infused cognac*
1 cup fresh orange juice

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher over ice.

*to make the ginger-cinnamon cognac, simply put a few slices of fresh ginger and two cinnamon sticks in a bottle of cognac and let steep for at least one day.

Tadpole Sangria
1 bottle red wine
1 c apple cider
1/2c sambuca
1/cc cointreau
a few large basil sprigs
1/4c dried basil seeds (found at most asian grocery stores)

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher. When basil seeds look white and glossy, add ice and serve.

Alchemist's Gin

1/4 bottle vodka
1tbsp white sugar
herbs and spices of your choice (try a sprig of fresh rosemary, a teaspoon of peppercorns, and a sliver of cinnamon stick)

Mix all ingredients in a mason jar or decorative bottle. Let stand for at least a day, or until infused to your liking. Drink with soda or tonic over ice!