GRAND RAPIDS - WZZM - You live in Michigan. That means you get to experience a Michigan winter. You can either despise it or embrace it. For Josh Skiles and Nathan Morse, they say bring on the snow, because they want to ride their handmade snowboards.

Josh and Nate are snowboarders and you have to be a little crazy if you want to slap a board on your feet and plunge yourself down a steep hill. So it came as no surprise when Nate said, "Want to start a snowboard manufacturing company?"

Josh said, "Yes, how do we get started?"

Marhar Snowboards LLC was born. Josh Skiles became President and Nathan Morse became CEO, but the problem was they didn't know how to make snowboards.

"In 2008, we got on the internet. We had a basic idea, we just didn't know how to put it all together," Josh explains. "We got some machines, got some basic tools, and started in a rental house basement."

They learned by trial and error and gradually made a snowboard that they were proud of. When they took their snowboard to the hills, they were shocked howsweet it rode. They now had a snowboard that they could sell.

"We wanted to sell in a retail store, but a retail store wanted to come and see," Josh explains. "What we couldn't do is ask these people to buy our product and then have them come into our basement."

Marhar Snowboards needed a real manufacturing space, so they moved in to Grand Rapids location. They soldseven snowboards that first year, and now they have a goal to sell 500. Almostfive years later they expect to exceed that number.

Next year we should be well over our goal, explains Josh, "and we have increased sales by well over 300%."

Josh and Nathan take pride in having a Michigan manufacturing company. They go out of their way to use 'Made in Michigan wood, 'Made in Michigan' glue, and 'Made in Michigan' plastic in all of their boards.

If you would like to know more about Marhar Snowboards visit .