When Push Comes to Plow; The facts about hiring a reliable snow removal company

Grand Rapids, Mich. - With over 155,000 residential, commercial, industrial, and condominium complexes in Kent County, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 findings, that is a lot of driveways and parking lots to plow each winter.

Snow removal operators large and small are contacting thousands of yearly customers and new prospects hoping to get them to sign snow removal contracts as we head into this year's snow season.

Bruce VanderVennen, head of the largest residential snow removal company in Kent County, which operates a fleet of 23 trucks and tractors, said, "Some snow removal agreements can leave the home or business owner waist deep in snow until late in the day. The soft economy has produced hundreds of OPPs, One-Person-Plow. Some of these OPPs unfortunately do not understand the reality of the level of commitment and equipment it takes to fulfill a season long snow removal contract with a home or business owner that needs their pavement cleared by the time the sun comes up."

Top tips for hiring a snow removal operator: (Jacks Lawn Service stands by this advice)
• Do more than just ask your neighbors or family members
• Make sure the operator has substantial liability insurance
• Does the contract state the operator will repair damage to lawns, sprinkler equipment, landscaping, etc.?
• Is the operator bonded, licensed and trained in driving a 2 or 3 ton snow removal rig?
Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kentwood and East GR require plow licenses
• Does the operator have back-up trucks and centralized radio dispatch?
• Does the contract clearly list the cost for the season?
• Is the operator a member of SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association)?
• Does the contract state amount of snow, give a plow time window, number of times, etc.?

VanderVennen went on to say, "It comes down to dependability when your pavement has five inches of snow and ice on it and you need to get to work, or you are an hour from opening for business.

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Courtesy: Rick Kamel