The holidays are a tempting time to indulge in foods that taste great but may hold too many unhealthy ingredients and unwanted calories. Believe it or not, there are ways to maintain healthy eating habits and still enjoy your favorite holiday foods!

Being Realistic during the Holidays: FIND A BALANCE

- Eat a small healthy snack before the party, to avoid overeating.
- Avoid "Rushing to the Food." Spend time conversing with other people.
- Scope out the food table before making your choices, decide what foods you can live without-It's okay to "shop" the food selection
- Keep portion sizes small.
- Choose two appetizers or split entrée.
- Avoid overeating by not starving yourself throughout the day.
- Limit foods with added sugar, salt, or fat.
- Drink water or club soda.
- Remember alcoholic beverages contain:
12 oz regular beer = 150 calories
5 oz wine = 100 calories
1.5 oz 80 proof liquor = 100 calories
- Limit cured, canned, or processed foods.
- Make noise; add some crunch! Include fiber rich foods (granola, whole grain pretzels) with yogurt spreads.
- Before eating, decide the foods you would like to eat and stick to your plan, incorporating small portion sizes.
- DO NOT skip holiday favorites - skipping them can lead to frustration and deprivation; INSTEAD enjoy SMALLER Portions

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