MIDDLEVILLE, Mich. (WZZM)- Tom Otto is the fifth generation in his family to grow turkeys.

Otto's farm outside of Middleville is home to about 30,000 birds - making him a relatively small producer, he says. He says turkey growing is an "adventure."

"Sometime's the flock's got a different attitude than the next one - the personalities a little bit different," Otto told WZZM 13's Peter Ross.

Otto says the turkeys are hatched as poults at a farm in Zeeland, and arrive at his farm later that day.

"You feed it and nurture it and make it happy and eventually you get a turkey out of it," he said.

That process takes about 20 weeks. The turkeys are processed on the premises. Many are sold in the farm store.

Otto says locally-grown, made-in-Michigan turkeys are growing in appeal.

"The housewife and the family typically wants to know where that bird came from," he said.

Since the 1850's those turkeys have been coming from theOtto's Turkey Farm in Middleville. The farm also has a turkey hotline -(269) 795-3738.