GRAND RAPIDS - It's not hard to fill your Thanksgiving table with made in Michigan products.

From the wine to the pie and everything in between, Michigan offers a cornucopia of fresh foods and beverages.

Let's start with the adult beverages. In Buchanan, Michigan, Tabor Hill Vineyards has won nationwide recognition for it's wines. Tabor Hill is one of several vineyards in southwest Michigan, more are up north.

Beer brewed in Michigan is also gaining national attention and acclaim. From Founders in Grand Rapids to Bell's in Kalamazoo and at many microbreweries in between, beer is becoming a bigger business in Michigan.

Agriculture is Michigan's second largest industry, and the Fulton Street Farmers Market is a great place to find the fruits and vegetables that many will eat this week.

Case Visser proudly displayed several varieties of winter squash that are a staple of the Thanksgiving meal. Locally-grown potatoes, pumpkins and apples were also available this week.

At Arnie's Bakery in Grand Rapids, the bakers are working overtime, preparing pies, cakes and dinner rolls.

"We focus the holiday around making great food that everyone can enjoy as they get together with their families," said Arnie Fahlen.

And what wouldThanksgiving be without cranberries? The tart, red berries are starting to make inroads with Michigan growers, including Wayne Keil of Heritage Farms in Holland.

"That's how we're trying to provide made in Michigan products -cranberries from Michigan, made in Michigan," Keil told a reporter.