Plainfield Township, MI (WZZM) - As people decorate for the holidays, a battle of light bulbs is underway in many homes.

Should they hang traditional incandescant lights or the new LED bulbs.

"This year I've added more LED's," says homeowner Gary Kramer. Kramer strings thousands of lights on his home on Paramount Ave. NE in Plainfield Township. "I was not happy the first year the LED's came out. But they have added more and more colors. Purple and a real pretty blue."

Until recently the more energy efficient, longer lasting LED bulbs weren't competitive because they didn't shine as brightly and cost three times as much.

But now the LED's look as good or better and, even though they are still more expensive, they are overtaking the old fashioned bulbs.

"Everything is starting to move toward LED," says Rylee's Ace Hardwar manager Jon Van Oss in Grand Rapids. "They last anywhere from 2 to 4 times as long and they use about a quarter of the energy."

Kamner says he's seen a dramatic drop in his holiday electric bills since starting the switch to LED.

"In the month of December alone my bill used to run $600," he says. "Last year with the LED's it was about $250."

They are widely available now, but kamner says the supply of incandescant bulbs is getting smaller and smaller. as time passes, he expects they won't be stocked in most stores.