WAYLAND, Michigan(WZZM) -- Gun Lake Casino announced the latest revenue sharing on Tuesday morning.

The Gun Lake Tribe is giving $7,002,443.09 to the state of Michigan. That money goes to the MEDC, which uses the money to further job creation and economic development around the state.

The tribe is giving $1,679,512.82 to local governments. A local revenue sharing board distributes the money to various local governments and schools. Then, those entities determine how to best use the funds.

Gun Lake Tribal Treasurer made the revenue sharing announcement live on the WZZM 13 Morning Show with Lauren Stanton. Click the attached video to watch the announcement.

The casino will celebrate its second anniversary on February 10th. If you look at some of the headlines over the past 20-plus months you will see Gun Lake Casino has given quite a bit back to the community.

Gun Lake tribal members say to date, they have shared more than $27 million with state and local governments. The beneficiaries include law enforcement, libraries, cancer research and especially Wayland schools, which gets $1.4 million in casino funds each year.

Profits from the Gun Lake Casino made it possible for more students to try out for sports and cheerleading squads by covering the pay-to-play fees at Wayland Middle and High Schools.

"It's $100 per season per sport we have a lot of multiple sport athletes plus multiple kids in family so families can spend $400 to $500 hundredon pay to participate per year saves them quite a bit of cost," said Kevin Zaschak, Wayland Athletic Director.

Funds from the casino also helped the school district remodel a gymnasium, reduce tuition for children enrolled in pre-school and helped supply i-Pads for 1,300 students.