BYRON CENTER, Mich. (WZZM) -- December 12 is National Poinsettia Day, celebrating the traditional holiday plants -- and many of them are grown in Michigan.

In fact, Michigan will produce 2.3 million poinsettias during the holiday season. One of the businesses producing the plants isHenry Mast Greenhouse in Byron Center.

"We've been in business in west michigan since the early 1970s," says production manager Leroy DeVries. "We've been growing poinsettias for that long."

The plants a a big part of the greenhouse's business.

"On the location here, we have about 26 acres of production and we have 700,000 -- give or take a few -- poinsettias here," says DeVries.

Many of the poinsettias are shipped to national retailers.

"We do business with Home Depot in Chicago, St. Louis and Wisconsin, and we do all the Meijer stores," says DeVries.

Every single one of the plants produced at Henry Mast will be shipped out by December 22.

"At the maximum, we can ship 27 or 28 trailer loads a day, and we do that with about 170 people," says DeVries.

To get ready for Christmas in December, workers at the greenhouse have to begin their Christmas in July. They begin by planting cuttings into pots. the cuttings eventually grow roots, then become the familiar holiday plants.

Henry Mast makes every natural color of poinsettia -- red, white and pink -- and even spray-paints some of the plants blue.

"Business is booming, and sales are good," says account manager Paul Bouma. "We have a good three weeks to go. Sales are tracking to where we're approaching double-digit increases year to date."

Workers say they are proud Henry Mast Greenhouse has become one of the largest poinsettia growers in the U.S.

"It's something they haven't been able to grow off shore yet, and we hope it stays that way," says Bouma.