GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - As soon as news of the school shooting broke, we called our area schools. We were put in touch with Head of Security and Assistant Superintendent of Grand Rapids schools Larry Johnson, who tells us new school security measures are developing all the time.

"More and more we are seeing metal detectors, security cameras, and key card systems, like in Grand Rapids. But no matter what you buy, what guards you hire, or drills you do," he says, "It's tough to make a school100% safe; especially when you're dealing with a bizarre case like this."

"I think here in Michigan, and in Grand Rapids in particular, our schools are very safe, but you have to go back now and look at the policies, your procedures, look at your training, work with law enforcement, and continue to develop those partnerships that will make a difference in the lives of young people," said Johnson.

Johnson also recommends you talk to your kidsnow about how they are processing this. Make sure they know how rare something like this is, but that they also remember to pay attention to the teacher when practicing drills.