The Business Terminator - Death Tax
In 2013, it's back and worse than ever...
Right now and until December 31st...
Example: At death, the owner of a small tool and die shop worth about $5 Million can pass the business on to the next generation...
Business continues!
Workers happy!
Family happy!
But Next Year... uh-oh!
Happy New Year!
Starting January 1st...
Same Business
Same Owner
Same Next Generation, BUT
1st Million - ZERO TAX
2nd Million - $550,000
3rd Million - $550,000
4th Million - $550,000
5th Million - $550,000
Total Tax = $2,200,000
And It's Not Just For Businesses...
How about that cottage you bought way back when?
How about that life insurance?
How about that 401(k)?
The Terminator Death Tax doesn't want a slice of the pie... it wants the pie!
What can you do?

Preserve What You Own
To Protect What You Value
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