UPDATE AT 3:15 P.M., 12/20/12 (WZZM) -- Investigators say a firein a southeast Grand Rapids home was started by a child playing with a lighter.

The fire took place at a home in the 1000 block of Prospect Avenue SE Wednesday, and injured eight people -- including three infants.

Grand Rapids firefighters say the child was playing with a cigarette lighter and caught a blanket on fire. The fire started in a bedroom on the home's main floor.

A ten-month-old girl suffered second- and third-degree burns over 42% percent of her body. Her family is now asking for privacy, and is not allowing updates on her medical condition.

Others injured in the fire have since been treated and released from area hospitals.

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)- Eight people, including three infants, are recovering following a fire in Grand Rapids.

It happened Wednesday morning on ProspectAvenue on the city's southeast side.

One of the infants was rescued by a group of good Samaritans who caught the baby as it was tossed from a second story window.

"We were motioning to her to throw the baby out the window," says Rodney Cancler was one of the good Samaritans, who heard the screams coming from the home.

Several people had made it out of the burning house, but a woman and a 10-month old girl were still inside.

"We had the lady throw the baby out the window," says Cancler. "Me and a few guys caught the baby and lady jumped out and we caught her."

Most of the occupants were out of the home when the fire department arrived, but there was a concern that there was one child still inside the home.

"We did multiple searches throughout the building and the two-year old was outside in an ambulance," says Deputy Chief Jerry Salatka with the Grand Rapids Fire Department.

At the same time, neighbor Terrance Riley, was banging on the door next to the house that was on fire. The woman inside couldn't understand him.

"She doesn't speak English, so I said, 'Mucho fumar'," says riley. "I don't speak Spanish but, I said, 'Mucho fumar.' She said, 'Oh, my God,' and started coming with me."

Riley also took in two of the children who had escaped the fire.

"I grabbed them and brought them over," he says. "The two-year-old was crying. I gave him a cupcake and toys and he calmed down."

Fire investigators say the eight people inside the ProspectAvenue home suffered various injuries while escaping the flames. Most are being treated for smoke-related respiratory symptoms.

Maria Reyesnevarez, 31,suffered second degree burns to her arm. Idalia Sanchez, 28,suffered a broken ankle when she jumped from a second floor window, and ten-month-old Allison Gamez suffered second- and third-degree burns to 42% of her body. Allison's prognosis is reported as "good" due to the lack of respiratory injury.

There is no cause of the fire yet, but investigators believe it started in the front room on the first floor. There were working smoke detectors in the home, but firefighters are still trying to figure out why the residents didn't get out sooner.