GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., (WZZM)- As the nation held a moment of silence for the victims and families in Newtown, CT, so did schools across West Michigan. Governor Rick Snyder asked that schools across the state hold a moment of silence for the families and lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In Grand Rapids, Shawmut Elementary School administrators tried to be sensitive to those who may not understand or know about what happened one week ago. During the silence, they were told to remember those in need and pray for those who may have lost loved ones over the holidays.

"So for us, it was just thinking beyond ourselves, thinking about people in need, without specifics of the horrible events of last week," says Sara Melton, Principal at Shawmut.

Although some parents chose not to tell their kids about the tragedy, most of the kids were aware of what happened. They said their parents sat down and discussed it with them.