GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - There are collections of stamps, baseball cards,and even movies, but one West Michigan man's collection might surprise a lot of people -- he has dozens of whisks, the kitchen tool used to mix eggs or batter.

Dick Buist admits he doesn't do much cooking. He says his decision to start collecting whisks was more or less random.

"My relativeswere saying I'mhard to buy for, so I need to think of something to collectand whisk popped in my head," says Buist.

The northeast Grand Rapids manhas 45 whisks from all over the country and around the world --including one from Mexico that has a special purpose.

"It's for whisking together powdered cocoa, for making hot chocolate," says Buist.

Buist has been collecting whisks for six years. He says most of his whisks cost $15, but he's seen some for as much as $700.