GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - Another very mild start to January is taking its toll on winter sports all over west Michigan.

But, other sports are seeing profits like never before. Local golf courses have opened up for a few rounds during this January thaw.

Todd Loughin, General Manager of The Mines Golf Course explained, "We've had a couple years where we've opened once or twice in the winter months. And then last year was a very unique year as well. We were open almost every week last year. So, we're coming off our best year ever from a weather standpoint."

Conditions might not be the greatest, but as long as most of the snow is melted and the turf isn't too soggy, you'll find the tee times are hard to come by... even in January.

As far as golf in the regular season, we've begun 2013 on a similar note to 2012... and last year turned out to be the warmest year on record for Grand Rapids with an average temperature of 52.9°! That's .5° warmer than the previous record set back in 1921.

Workers at The Highlands Golf Course say another record was broken. 216 golfers reserved time on the green on Saturday.

This is the 23rd straight month The Highlands Golf Course has been open for business; thanks to the mild weather.