DETROIT (WZZM) - The swagger is back. Just a few years after General Motors and Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy, they walked away with car and truck of the year honors at the North American International Auto Show.

One of those winners is the Cadillac ATS. Marketing Vice President Don Butler told WZZM 13, "We know we're going to bring actually more jobs because of this and just continue to build the industry within Michigan and continue to show that the domestics are back, and back in a big way."

Winning the truck of the year was another Detroit product - the Dodge Ram 1500.

Industry observers say the displays are bigger and there are more of them, reflecting the industry's strengthening. The show's impact on the region has increased too, from $300 million to $350 million, according to the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce.

Several U.S. Cabinet secretaries toured the show during the early media preview days, as did Senator Debbie Stabenow, chair of the manufacturing caucus in Congress. Stabenow told WZZM 13, "I think this is an indication we're back, the auto industry is back with quality, engineering, and fuel economy."