GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- What do a coat hanger, spatula, and your arm have in common? They are methods people have used to clean off a snowy icy windshield.

We team up with Chris Boden of The Geek Groupto test out a variety of methods for getting snow off your car.


The coat hanger idea came to us by way of a WZZM 13 employee who, in a pinch, used it to clean her car off. When we tested it on a snowy car it worked with so-so results, but when it came to scraping ice we could see how you could --if you were desperate --get it to work.

SPATULA - $1.75

Yes, the trusted spatula, designed for flipping eggs and getting out brownies from the pan, can double as method for getting ice off your car. We noticed it did little to move the snow, but ice it sure did the trick.

24-inch BRUSH SCRAPER - $7.95

This is the so much trusted scraper that it seems to be ubiquitous. It works like you expect. You brush off snow, you scrape the ice -- it does what it says and you can reach most of a midsized car from one side. You will, however, need to go over to the other side to get leverage on hard to get ice.


The deluxe brush scraper surprised us because of the cost. It could easily reach the entire car and could be used on SUVs. Ice should be no problem, as the extra length would give us the leverage we needed. When we were fully expanded it, though, we managed to break it. After a little repair work, itwas as good as new. It does seem to lose it's strength when fully extended.


When we say arm we mean your arm -- as in the thing that is connected to your shoulder. A quick swipe of the armgot a lot of snow off the car. It did little to deal with the ice. Also, there were some complaints about snow getting inside the test subject's coat and soaking his clothes.


Yes, we said blowtorch. As in fire. We managed to melt the snow off a windshield. Though it took longer than expected, it proved to be very easy. It also proved to be very dangerous, as we melted a hole in the glass and cracked the windshield. A blowtorch, no matter how tempting, should not be used. It will wreck your car.

If you have some more ideas on the best ways to get snow and ice off your car, let us know.