NUNICA, Mich. (WZZM) - The freezing temperatures and snow are allowing people to begin winter activities that weren't possible before.

Ice fishermen are hoping for a big weekend, because some of them say Tuesday's temperatures were too cold --even for them.

At Bruce's Bayou in Nunica, there was no one around on Wednesday because of the frigid air. Even people who call themselves "ice fishermen" say it was too cold.

"We've been waiting for the colder weather, and now it's gotten a little too cold," says Willis Kerridge, also known as "Captain Willis," and owner of Fish On Bait and Tackle.

With single digit temperatures, Kerridge says an entire bayou can freeze overnight.

"Especially if we lose this wind," says Kerridge. "Wind is what cuts the ice a little bit. It moves the water, so it's harder to freeze moving water."

Willis says the bayou needs to freeze three or four inches to be safe for ice fishing. He says ice fishermen usually use a shanty or an ice tent, anda portable heater to keep warm. When done correctly, Willis says ice fishing is safe and affordable.

"Youcan do it for under$50, where a lot of fishing you can't," says Kerridge. "You need a boat to get out."

Willis says a number of fishermen were on the ice just over a week ago, before temperatures warmed up. He says it temporarily hurt business.

"It's slow right now, but it's going to pick up," says Willis. "We needed this cold temperature to get the ice formed again."

Now, Willis hopes for slightly warmer temperatures to get the fisherman back on the water.