GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education is one of the finest cooking schools in the country. Before students at the Grand Rapids Community College program learn about cooking though, they must be certified in sanitation and cleanliness. That's of special concern when there are flu outbreaks like we're experiencing now.

"Really we have people's health in our hands," says Chef Angus Campbell. He understands most restaurant workers don't get sick pay, and that pay is important. So before they get jobs in restaurants, he and other instructors here work on students' consciences 'and let them realize how they can take the infection and pass it on to others and pass it on to the customer.'

Teaching students in sanitation is the job of Bill DeHaan. For over 30 years he was the chief sanitation officer for Kent County. He would inspect restaurants and stores for their cleanliness, to prevent illnesses. He says hand washing is "monumental" to preventing the spread of viruses like the flu. Students taking his course leave with a ServSafe certificate in sanitation, new soldiers enlisted in the fight to prevent the spread of disease.